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Winter Blues

Spring doesn’t officially begin for a few more weeks and everything outside looks so dreary and feels so cold. We haven’t had much snow this year, but we have had enough unseasonably warm days teasing us to make it seem as though the grass has been dead for years now. Are you having a tougher time getting out of bed each morning as winter drags on? And on? If you are suffering from the winter blues, the agents at Kasmann Insurance have compiled a long list of tips to help you turn them another color. Some will be obvious and we hope you find the others fun! More >

Oh Deer

As a society, we generally like to be prepared for emergencies, don’t we?  As consumers, we are happy to buy things that protect us and the safety of our families.  You’ve seen deer whistles for sale in stores and you may know people who have them, or have some yourself.  More >

ID Theft

It’s the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season and it’s called Black Friday for a reason.  Over the past 30 years, the amount of money shoppers spend on the Friday after Thanksgiving has provided many companies the ability to turn a profit for the year, finally getting “out of the red” and “into the black,” in accounting terms.   In more recent years, Black Friday has also been a “hacker holiday” and the Kasmann Insurance Agency would like to provide you with some tips to keep your identity safe this holiday season. More >

Kids trick-or-treating on Halloween

They’ve got their costumes, the month couldn’t seem to go by fast enough, and now they are anxiously anticipating the sugar…otherwise known as Trick-or-Treating.  Halloween is one of a kid’s favorite holidays each year and they tend to get so enthusiastic about it that they forget about safety. Even if you aren’t responsible for taking any specific trick-or-treaters out that night, you are responsible for every single one you encounter on the road as a motorist.  The Kasmann Insurance Agency would like to provide you with a few tips to help everyone stay safe on Halloween night. More >

Rochport Tunnel on the Katy Trail. Photo courtesy of Stacy Oldfield, Agent.

Rocheport Tunnel on the Katy Trail. Photo courtesy of Stacey Oldfield, Agent.

Schools are back in session and summer is almost over.  Perhaps you couldn’t find the time to get away this summer, but are looking for a little adventure before temperatures cool down.  Maybe you’re planning a trip this fall and are looking for ideas.  Did you know Missouri has 453 small towns with populations less than 1,000?

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