Dwelling fire insurance is important in protecting your dwelling against perils that could cause damage.  It is similar to homeowner’s coverage, but less comprehensive.  As an added bonus, dwelling fire insurance can provide personal liability, or landlord liability coverage.  With this insurance, any outbuildings, contents, liability and additional living expense or loss of rents can be covered in the unfortunate event of a loss.  Kasmann Insurance Agency makes it easy to get the best coverage possible by finding the insurance that fits your unique needs.

Here we cover:

Understanding your Dwelling Fire Declarations Page

Dwelling Fire Policy Coverage

What to Do In Case of Loss

Cost Factors for Dwelling Fire Insurance in Columbia, MO

Finding the Right Policy for You

Who/What is Best Suited for Dwelling Fire Insurance?

  • Landlords of 1-4 family homes
  • Owners of old homes, or homes that don’t have much cash value
  • Applicants who do not qualify for standard homeowners insurance due to non-traditional construction, prior claim history, poor property conditions, bad credit, etc…
  • Dwellings under construction
  • Non-owner occupied homes
  • Vacant homes

Understanding your Dwelling Fire Declarations Page

A. Dwelling

The house, or dwelling, at the insured location. This coverage amount can either determined by market value, or by completing a Replacement Cost Estimate.

B. Other Structures

Any structures not attached to the insured dwelling (e.g. detached garages, storage sheds, pole barns, mailboxes, fences).

C. Personal Property

Personal belongings of the insured owner. Limits on losses to certain types of property are set forth in the policy.  *Personal property of tenants is not covered.

D. Additional Living Expense/Loss of Rents

Coverage for a temporary residence or loss of rental income while the insured residence is uninhabitable due to an insured loss.

E. Personal /Landlord Liability

Provides coverage for any loss sustained to another person or their property where the insured is deemed negligent.

F. Medical Payments

For injuries sustained at the insured location by another party, where the insured had no fault or negligence.


This is a specified amount that the insured must pay before the insurance company will pay a claim. It is simply deducted from the amount of the loss when a check is issued.

Dwelling Fire Policy Coverage

Coverage Forms

There are three different coverage forms available under dwelling fire insurance: Basic, Broad, and Special.   The coverage form determines what perils are insured against and how losses are settled.

Basic form perils: fire, lightning, explosion, smoke, windstorm, hail, riot, civil commotion, aircraft, vehicles, vandalism, sprinkler leakage, sinkhole collapse, and volcanic action. Actual Cash Value settlement only.

Broad form perils: all of the basic perils plus falling objects; weight of snow, ice, or sleet; water damage (in the form of leakage from appliances); and collapse from specified causes. Replacement cost coverage is available by endorsement.

Special form perils: provides what is referred to as all risk coverage, or coverage for loss from any cause except those that are specifically excluded.  Replacement cost coverage.

Not Covered

  • earthquake or earth movement
  • flood (surface water, water seepage)
  • neglect
  • war
  • nuclear hazard
  • ordinance or law that is not covered elsewhere in the policy
  • intentional losses
  • wear, tear or deterioration
  • business ventures 
  • Some excluded events can be covered with the purchase of additional endorsements or policies, contact your agent with any questions.

    *For precise language regarding what is covered under your dwelling fire policy, please read your specific policy form. The information compiled here was taken from sample Dwelling Form policies from the Missouri Department of Insurance and can be located at:

    BASIC FORM  https://insurance.mo.gov/consumers/home/documents/12672.pdf;

    BROAD FORM  https://insurance.mo.gov/consumers/home/documents/12673.pdf

    SPECIAL FORM  http://insurance.mo.gov/consumers/home/documents/DP_00_03.pdf

    What to do in Case of Loss

    If any type of loss is sustained at your property, it is your duty to notify your insurance agent or company promptly.

    Cost Factors for Dwelling Insurance in Columbia, MO

    Not all dwelling insurance is exactly the same.  Many factors determine the price of insurance, including:

    • Age of the dwelling
    • Construction type
    • Age of roof
    • Coverage form and/or loss settlement (Basic,  Broad, or Special)
    • Fire Protection Class
    • Loss History

    The Right Dwelling Insurance Policy for You

    Dwelling fire insurance offers several policy forms that cover different perils and may have different loss settlement options.  As an independent agency, Kasmann Insurance has the ability to compare multiple policies and choose the ones that work for your personal needs. Give Kasmann Insurance Agency a call to find the best dwelling fire insurance policy for you today!

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