Commercial Umbrellas Protect Against Raining Litigation

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As a business owner, you have already purchased insurance to protect your liability, property, autos and workers.  Throughout this year, the agents at Kasmann Insurance have stressed the importance of certain commercial coverages that we receive a lot of questions about, or feel are often overlooked.  Commercial Umbrella insurance is one of those products that

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April Showers Remind Us Why We Should Always Carry an Umbrella

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  Mark Twain once said, “A banker is a fellow who lends you his umbrella when the sun is shining, but wants it back the minute it begins to rain.”  The agents at Kasmann Insurance would like you to know that we will happily sell you an umbrella and we’ll even help you use it

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Let’s Go For a Swim

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  Remember the “Baby Swimming and Surviving” video floating around Facebook or YouTube in years past?  It shows a toddler in a blue fuzzy sleeper falling into an in-ground swimming pool at home and then he simply kicks to reach the surface and rolls safely on to his back.  Brace yourselves, it’s pool season again,

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Under the Red Umbrella

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Kasmann Insurance is a third-generation Independent Insurance Agency.  Instead of selling insurance for one company, we are able to tap into the resources and expertise of many different companies.  This allows us to provide you with the best plans and options for all your personal and business insurance needs.

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