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Whole life is the most versatile financial instrument ever devised for the protection of families and businesses and the creation and enhancement of wealth. To appreciate the great values of this type of life insurance protection, this article explores how it works, its uses, its benefits and the options you have in structuring a contract to meet your specific needs, and why Auto-Owners Life Insurance is the company of choice.

“Whole life provides lifetime insurance protection with significant guarantees and tax benefits…”


Walt Disney, unable to land a substantial bank loan, used the cash value from his whole life policy to build a sprawling theme park that is now known to the world as “the happiest place on earth.”

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Have you noticed your auto insurance rates keep creeping up every renewal?  You’re not alone.  In fact, it is probably one of the biggest complaints insurance agents currently hear.  If you haven’t had any tickets or accidents, and your car keeps getting older, then why does your auto insurance keep getting more expensive?  The agents at Kasmann Insurance Agency would like to help you understand how auto insurance rates are calculated and answer that crucial question for you.

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If you watch television you are probably familiar with commercials for the Gerber Grow-Up® Plan.  “For just pennies a day, you can help your child get off to a good financial start!”  Doesn’t that sound like a fantastic idea? As parents, isn’t it our job to help plan for our children’s’ future and get them started on a track to financial security? Gather your pennies and listen up!

I compared the nationally advertised plan to a similar plan offered by the Kasmann Insurance Agency through Auto-Owners Insurance.  While both plans are somewhat similar in design, there are advantages to one over the other.

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Long Term Care insurance (LTCi) is an extremely important part of a financial plan.

LTC insurance came into existence approximately 35 years ago. As a result, we are experiencing constant change in the types of policies available in addition to makeup of the “typical buyer” of LTCi.

This type of insurance includes a wide range of medical and support services for people with a degenerative condition (e.g. Parkinson’s, stroke, etc.), a prolonged illness (cancer) or cognitive disorder (Alzheimer’s). More >


Spring doesn’t officially begin for a few more weeks and everything outside looks so dreary and feels so cold. We haven’t had much snow this year, but we have had enough unseasonably warm days teasing us to make it seem as though the grass has been dead for years now. Are you having a tougher time getting out of bed each morning as winter drags on? And on? If you are suffering from the winter blues, the agents at Kasmann Insurance have compiled a long list of tips to help you turn them another color. Some will be obvious and we hope you find the others fun! More >


As a society, we generally like to be prepared for emergencies, don’t we?  As consumers, we are happy to buy things that protect us and the safety of our families.  You’ve seen deer whistles for sale in stores and you may know people who have them, or have some yourself.  More >