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Homeowners Insurance

Throughout the year, Kasmann Insurance has focused our efforts on educating our clientele about commercial insurance. To wrap this year up, we would like to dedicate December to people who work from home.  According to Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, more than two-thirds of businesses in the United States start from home, while more than 59% continue operating from home.  Staying in the comfort of one’s home to earn a living may sound enticing, but it does come with risks.

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At the Kasmann Insurance Agency, we regularly take phone calls and answer our customer’s questions about their coverage. Sometimes, we’ll notice a trend in the questions asked, and while some questions are common for us, they are not common knowledge for the general public. As a follow-up to last month’s Frequently Asked Auto Questions, the agents in our office have compiled a list of homeowner’s coverage questions that we are often asked.  Take a look at the list below to see if we can clear up any questions you may have! More >


“Good morning! Thank you for calling Kasmann Insurance, this is Bill.”

“Hi Bill, this is Mr. Jones and I need to turn a claim this morning.”

“Oh no, I’m sorry to hear that Mr. Jones. What happened?”

“My wife lost her wedding ring.”

“Did you have the ring scheduled on an Inland Marine?”

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It’s finally fall!  For lots of folks fall means cooler weather, a change in wardrobe (get out your sweaters, corduroy, and suede!), leaves changing beautiful colors, and the ever popular pumpkin spice. For home insurance professionals, it means it’s time to prepare your home for cold temperatures! The agents at Kasmann Insurance would like you to consider checking a few items off the list below.


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If you have lived in mid-Missouri for any length of time, you have probably experienced a hail storm.  They typically happen around here a few times every year with hail season coming to an end in October. It’s fairly easy to see if you have hail damage to the exterior of your vehicle, but what about the roof of your house?  The agents at Kasmann Insurance would like to shed a little sunlight on this subject for you.

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