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Auto Insurance

Are you a business owner with a commercial auto policy? Or, are you an employee furnished with a company car? Do you know if you have proper coverage when you drive a rented or borrowed vehicle? Let Kasmann Insurance Agency help!  Let us answer your questions to clear up any confusion about whether you, your spouse, and/or your employees have the coverage they need, when they need it.

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Have you noticed your auto insurance rates keep creeping up every renewal?  You’re not alone.  In fact, it is probably one of the biggest complaints insurance agents currently hear.  If you haven’t had any tickets or accidents, and your car keeps getting older, then why does your auto insurance keep getting more expensive?  The agents at Kasmann Insurance Agency would like to help you understand how auto insurance rates are calculated and answer that crucial question for you.

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At the Kasmann Insurance Agency in Columbia, Missouri, we regularly take phone calls and answer our customer’s questions about their auto coverage.  Sometimes, we’ll notice a trend in the questions asked, and while some questions are common for us, they are not common knowledge for the general public.  The agents in our office have compiled a list of auto coverage questions that we are often asked.  Take a look at the list below to see if we can clear up any questions you may have! More >

For those of you over 30, you probably remember a time when there was a stigma around meeting people “from the Internet.”  You were probably also taught as a child to never get into cars with strangers.  Fast forward to 2017 – a time full of technology, smart phones, apps, and ridesharing.  Ridesharing is literally summonsing a stranger from the Internet for a ride in their car.  Doesn’t that seem a little ironic?

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As a society, we generally like to be prepared for emergencies, don’t we?  As consumers, we are happy to buy things that protect us and the safety of our families.  You’ve seen deer whistles for sale in stores and you may know people who have them, or have some yourself.  More >