Happy 2021!  Many people like to start a new year off with a resolution, like to clean out a closet, re-organize schedules, read more books, or, in extreme cases, start a diet and join a gym.

At Kasmann Insurance, we won’t encourage you to do such drastic things to mark the new year, but we do have a suggestion to help you maintain the insurance coverages that are right for you.  The suggestion is simple: talk to us!  Send us an email, submit a note on our website, use our new App, or give us a call at 573-442-1105.  When your insurance needs change, we can only reflect that in your coverages if we know about the changes.  Some of the following bullet points may seem like no-brainers, but we’re confident some others may catch your eye, and prompt you to reach out to your favorite Kasmann agent.

Contact us about Auto Insurance when:

  • You purchase or sell a vehicle, or are planning a new purchase.  Make sure your new car budget includes any increases in insurance costs.
  • You pay off a car loan – we won’t be notified by your lender.
  • Drivers enter or leave your household.  We will re-quote you to make sure your current company is the best fit for your new household makeup.
  • Youthful drivers get permits, licenses, grades of 3.0 or above, take a vehicle to college, or attend college more than 100 miles from home without a vehicle.

Auto Insurance options to consider:

  • Towing/Roadside – may be cheaper than an Auto Club membership
  • Rental Reimbursement to get you into a rental vehicle after a covered loss
  • Higher liability limits with youthful drivers or home ownership
  • Loan/Lease Gap on a new vehicle – may be cheaper than through your lender

It’s not just Auto Insurance needs that may change.  A Homeowners Insurance policy is built to protect the biggest investment most people ever make, and in order to cover it correctly, we need to be informed about changes promptly.

Contact us about Homeowners Insurance when:

  • You replace your roof.  If the roofers plan to cover existing shingles with new ones, please call us before work begins.  Two layers of shingles may disqualify your roof from coverage.
  • You add or replace major home systems like HVAC, water heaters and softeners, or a monitored alarm system
  • You complete a remodeling projects that increase value.  This can include upgrading counter surfaces, new flooring, new appliances, and finishing basement space.
  • You add or replace exterior structures like fencing, decks, and sheds.
  • You plan a major construction project that will move interior or exterior walls.  We have options to protect your home while it’s under renovation.
  • You pay off your mortgage.  Some companies offer mortgage-free discounts, and if you had escrowed, you’ll need to plan how you will pay your next renewal bill.

Homeowners Insurance options to consider:

  • Water/Sewer Backup – especially if you have a basement
  • Earthquake – deductibles are calculated from the Replacement Cost of your home
  • Inland Flood – available only with an Auto-Owners Insurance Homeowners policy
  • Flood Insurance – sold through the National Flood Insurance Program
  • Utility Lines – applies to buried lines between your house and the street
  • Equipment Breakdown – covers failures of home appliances and the damages those failures may create

Life in general:

  • Have you or someone you know recently had a baby?  Children’s Life Insurance from Auto-Owners is a low-cost, simple way to protect a child’s future.
  • Have you recently gotten married or divorced?  We can adjust your Auto and Homeowners policies accordingly.
  • Have you moved?  Don’t forget to let us know!  Important documents, including bills, need to get to you on time. 
  • Any time you change your mailing address, phone number, or email, please let us know.
  • Has someone in your household recently passed?  When you’re ready, we can make the necessary changes to Named Insureds, mailing addresses, etc.

Insure with the people you trust

Life situations change all the time, and your insurance agent should be kept in the loop.  In some circumstances, the changes may reduce or invalidate coverages, so that you’re not as protected as you should be.  A simple phone call can ensure necessary policy changes are made, or a more appropriate insurance company is found to offer coverage.  Your agents at Kasmann Insurance are here to answer any questions, and to review your insurance to make sure you’re getting exactly what you need.

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