Adventure-filled books, educational toys, adorable clothes, cuddly stuffed animals – a child receives so many wonderful gifts from friends and family when they enter the world.  How many presents will a child truly benefit from – and how many will significantly impact a child’s future and family?  As a parent or grandparent, there is a gift unlike any other that you can give to your new family member – Children’s Life Insurance from Auto-Owners.

Grandad and Grandaughter at the Pond

While thinking about and planning Life Insurance for your loved ones can be uncomfortable, the future benefits for your family can be immense, and are worth looking at more closely.  There are several advantages to Auto-Owners Children’s Life Insurance offerings that may surprise and interest you:

  • Children’s Life Insurance policies usually only require one simple application
  • Rates are typically much lower for children than for adults
  • The cash value of Children’s Life Insurance policies may be surrendered from the policy, or a loan may be taken out (subject to surrender and interest charges, and policy conditions)
  • Some policies increase coverage as a child ages without increasing premiums, while others allow purchasing additional life insurance without proving insurability
  • The parent or grandparent who purchased the policy can transfer ownership once the child turns 18
  • Buying Life Insurance is a great way to teach your children or grandchildren about financial responsibility and planning for the future
  • When a child covered by Life Insurance grows up to be an adult covered by Life Insurance, your gift can bring protection to a whole new set of family members, including your future (great) grandchildren!
  • If the owner of the policy, or the named insured child, has Auto, Homeowners, Dwelling Fire, or Umbrella policies with Auto-Owners, a qualifying Life policy adds another powerful multi-policy discount
Auto-Owners Children's Life Insurance

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As a family-run business, Kasmann Insurance Agency understands your desire to protect the people you love the most, and we want to make sure your family is well-protected for whatever the future brings.   Our experienced agents will be happy to answer any questions you may have, and help you pick a Life Insurance option that fits your budget and your needs.  Call us at 573-442-1105 or email Stacey at to learn more about Children’s Life Insurance from Auto-Owners.  To see how Auto-Owners offerings compare to the Gerber Grow-Up® Plan, check out Stacey’s article from 2017.

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