If you watch television you are probably familiar with commercials for the Gerber Grow-Up® Plan.  “For just pennies a day, you can help your child get off to a good financial start!”  Doesn’t that sound like a fantastic idea? As parents, isn’t it our job to help plan for our children’s’ future and get them started on a track to financial security? Gather your pennies and listen up!

I compared the nationally advertised plan to a similar plan offered by the Kasmann Insurance Agency through Auto-Owners Insurance.  While both plans are somewhat similar in design, there are advantages to one over the other.

First, let’s start with sales and service.  I am all for the ease and simplicity of E-commerce, and while I have certainly heard of Gerber and think of it as a reputable company, their primary focus is baby food, isn’t it?  I know that lots of people buy auto insurance online, and I know that I have a bias due to the nature of my employment, but I think there are certain products and services that should be left to the experts…namely, certain types of insurance…and electricity.  I do not know the credentials or trustworthiness of the person at the other end of a toll-free phone tree, nor can I guarantee I’ll ever speak to the same person twice when calling the exact same number.  With a local agent, conveniently located next to downtown Columbia (we even have a drive-thru!), I know where I can go and who to speak to if I have a question, a problem, or if I just need a referral for an electrician.

Next, let’s take a moment to analyze those premium pennies, since insurance consumers are constantly “shopping for better rates”.  Unlike auto, homeowners, or health insurance, permanent life insurance rates do not typically increase every year. Life rates are based on the age of the applicant when the policy is issued, and for a specified time period (term Insurance = the length of term; whole/permanent life = until the policyholder reaches age 100). This rate structure is why it is so important to lock in the low rates that children qualify for when they are young and presumably healthy.

I know it’s hard to think about your infant and/or child growing up, moving out, and starting a life and perhaps a family of his/her own one day, but these things are inevitable. It’s even harder to think about a fatal tragedy happening, which is why claims are not our primary focus for selling children’s life insurance.  It requires quite the forethought, but it truly is a gift, to give your kids a life insurance premium of a few dollars a month versus the hundreds it could cost them when they are older and actually ready to buy their own coverage.  Please consider investing a few of those pennies to give your child(ren) such a conscientious gift.

Finally, there are some cold, hard truths I’m going to reiterate for you. Life insurance is important.  It’s so important, that we take time every month to educate you about it.  Life insurance rates are based on the applicant’s age – the younger the applicant the lower the rates.  Everyone – including children – should have life insurance.  Raising children is extremely demanding. New parents and parents of young children need one more item on their to-do lists.  Kasmann Insurance offers an excellent children’s life insurance product through Auto-Owners Insurance. Put a call to Kasmann Insurance on your to-do list. Ask us about child life insurance because “purchasing life insurance for a child can be one of the best financial decisions you ever make.”

*Disclaimer: The agents at the Kasmann Insurance Agency do not discriminate against Grandparents who wish to purchase Life Insurance for their grandchildren.  Grandparents are also welcome to call us at anytime.

By Stacey Page

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