You’ve worked hard to establish your successful business, and there’s nothing better than a day when everything goes right, operations run smoothly, and important tasks get done.  These triumphs are a result of being organized, smart hiring and training, and a solid reputation in the community.  But there’s another key ingredient that sometimes gets overlooked, or given only surface attention – the workplace safety culture of your business.

Being smart and proactive about workplace safety involves a lot more than keeping your OSHA posters up-to-date.  But all of your careful planning only works if everyone in your company is as invested in safety as you are.  A “safety culture” can help minimize risk, prevent claims, and keep your insurance costs under control.  To keep safety foremost on everyone’s mind without running yourself ragged, consider creating a safety comittee.

Create a safety committee that meets regularly, creates short-term and long-term goals, and delegates responsibility to team members.  A motivated safety committee, led by employees and supported by managers, has been shown to improve employee retention and help establish a positive safety culture.  Employees on the committee will appreciate knowing their insight and experience are valued, and may be more likely to motivate their co-workers to follow best safety practices than a “top down” approach to safety education.

An active safety committee that meets monthly or quarterly can be assigned the following projects, and can keep itself accountable for following through with them:

  • Research your industry’s best practices and safety standards to fully understand the ideal safe work environment, and how to adapt it to your business.  To keep informed of new developments, consider subscribing to relevant trade magazines or blogs.
  • Make periodic physical inspections of departments and worksites to identify hazards, employee habits, and potential risks.  Reward excellence and support shortcomings until all employees and locations are performing at their safest.
  • Monitor and document incidents, near misses, and claims.  Use group knowledge and experience to identify causes and develop plans to prevent future incidents.
  • Develop and review safety practices, and hold all employees accountable to them.
Workplace Safety

You can delegate all sorts of projects to the safety committee to free yourself up for your most important task – running and growing your business.  You’ll see the benefits in improved safety records and decreased numbers of incidents and claims.  For more tips on how to set up and design a safety committee, check out this article from Safety+Health Magazine.

If you’re currently an Auto-Owners customer, their Loss Control department can assist you in developing a successful and effective Safety Committee for your business.

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Creating a safety culture is just one way to help protect what you’ve worked so hard to achieve.  At Kasmann Insurance Agency, we understand how important your business is to you, your family, and your community.  Send your favorite agent an email or give us a call at 573-442-1105 to make sure your business’s insurance needs are being met, and for more information on safety committees and how they can impact your bottom line.

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