What a wild ride this year has been! It has been referred to as “these unprecedented times”, “the new normal”, or by several other names and it has been unsettling for many to say the least.  We want to thank each and every one of you for your loyalty through this past year, while we strived to keep our high standards of customer service through closing the office in early spring, during our gradual re-opening, and while working the drive-thru!  We are the only insurance agency in town with a drive-thru window and we have been so grateful for it every single day.  Bill Sr. and the crew were sure on to something genius when they had that installed with the office addition in the late 90’s. Thanks Bill!

We are also very sensitive to the fact that some local businesses have not fared well during this unsteady time and there are a lot of folks in our community who are struggling right now.  If you find yourself with extra this holiday season, or until we can all get off this Covid-fueled ride, please give what you can to those in need.  There are many local charitable organizations that help children, the homeless or you could do something as simple as putting a few pantry items one of the “Blessing Boxes” scattered around town.  

Our weather has been unseasonably warm in mid-Missouri so far this late fall and we doubt anyone is complaining.  There is quite the concern for our collective mental health as we forge ahead through the pandemic this winter and are more cooped up inside due to the cold and potential snow.  Please take time to take care of yourselves by doing whatever brings you joy. We read some of the following suggestions:  exercise, read, meditate, socialize safely, make sure you’re getting some Vitamin D, tour museums and other places of interest virtually, binge-watch a TV series, take a road trip, bundle up and have fun in the snow (if and when we get some), or visit your local shops and restaurants in person or on-line.  Whatever you do, please stay safe.

We’re looking forward to having a healthy and prosperous 2021 and we wish you and your families a healthy holiday season!  We can’t wait to see you next year!  

The Kasmann Insurance Team

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