We always enjoy giving people directions to our office: “It’s at the corner of Garth and Ash, two blocks north of the library, you can’t miss it!”

The reason you can’t miss our building is its striking and iconic design.  The sweeping rooflines, huge picture windows, and warm interior spaces are the creation of local architect Pon Chinn of Chinn & Associates, who designed the clubhouses at several local golf courses, and many residential and commercial buildings in Columbia and Boone County.

The office was completed in the late 1960s and was less than half of its current size.  Originally, the front door faced Ash Ave and opened into what is now Stacey’s office.

By the 1990s it was time for an expansion, to add a lobby and additional offices.  Who better to design the addition than Pon Chinn’s daughter Kimi Chinn Rother, who had also become an architect and was working at her father’s firm here in Columbia?   While consulting with Chinn Rother, Bill Kasmann Sr. had very specific plans for the addition.  Not only did the new construction need to fit seamlessly onto the original structure, it also needed to flow well on the inside, and have a feature no other insurance agency in town could offer – a drive-thru window!

Today, many customers think our building used to be a bank, but it was Bill Sr. who insisted on the window for convenience, and to set the agency apart from the competition.  We have been sending him many thanks lately, as the window has allowed us to safely help our customers almost face-to-face during the Covid pandemic.

The expansion project benefitted from another link to the building’s past – the contractor who installed the oak paneling in the 1960s was still in business, and able to match the original paneling for the addition.  Every room feels warm and cozy, no matter its size, and decorating is a breeze – if we haven’t yet found the perfect artwork for a space, we can just let the natural wood shine.

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We’re proud of the fact that the history of our building reflects the values that our agency promotes every day – attention to detail, community involvement, and multiple generations working together for a common purpose.  Whether it’s making sure you have the right coverage for your needs, supporting local civic projects, or making a routine chore like paying your insurance premiums a pleasant experience, the agents at Kasmann Insurance Agency are proud of the work we do on a daily basis.  Please contact us with any insurance questions you may have, or if you’d like to schedule a time with one of our agents to check out the architectural details of our office first-hand.

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