Just like superheroes, the agents at Kasmann Insurance have sidekicks. Unlike most superheroes, our sidekicks happen to have four legs and a tail. We introduced you to our fun-loving, furry friends once before, but there have been quite a few updates and additions since then.


Bill Kasmann’s “Little Dog Squad”

Peanut, Sammy, Pippa, and Yadi

Peanut is a 3-4 year old teacup Chihuahua rescue.  He is not fond of cold or inclement weather AT ALL, but is very fond of his mom.  As the most tenured member of the Squad, Peanut calls quite a few shots.

Sammy is a 3 year old Papillon, also rescued through Second Chance.  Sammy is always bursting with energy and will steal a treat from the rest of the Squad without any shame.  His signature look is his little tongue hanging – ever so adorably – out the side of his mouth.

Pippa is an 8 year old Pomeranian who was recently rescued through Second Chance, as well.  She is a very quiet and reserved lady and dare we say, proper, too!  She still trying to figure out her place on the Squad and is currently most comfortable close to mom.

Yadi was very recently thrown a curve ball and had to be rescued from the streets of Columbia.  He is about 3 years old and despite his recent haircut, he will be a Pomeranian puff ball again very soon.  There’s no doubt Yadi hit a grand slam by landing himself on this Squad!


Shannon Kasmann’s “Furry Frolickers”

Eddie and Izzy

Eddie is a 7 year old Golden Retriever mix from Second Chance.  He is a very handsome guy, extremely well behaved and is definitely his dad’s best friend.  He loves feeling the wind in his fur when he rides in his dad’s truck and will happily do tricks for treats.

Izzy is 7 year old toy Aussie rescued from Second Chance last year.  She is just as smart as she is beautiful and is a very loyal and devoted mama’s girl.  Just like Shannon, Izzy loves kitties and is happy to show the colony of barn cats she lives with lots of love and affection.


Stacey Page’s “Three’s Company”

Vivian, Mia the Chia, and Walter

Vivian is a 7 year old terrier mix rescued from the Mexico, MO Animal Shelter.  She is super quick and agile and loves to catch moles, rabbits, and squirrels.  Vivi is still getting over not being the biggest dog on the porch, so she’s turned into a little bit of a diva lately…especially to her puppy brother.

Mia the Chia is a Second Chance rescue and is a perfect pint-sized sidekick for Stacey’s daughter.  She loves to snuggle and although she acts a lot like a cat, she isn’t afraid to show strangers how big her bark can be!

Walter showed up at the Kasmann Agency on 02/14/17, and Stacey took him home until his owner could be found.  Stacey’s husband mistook him for a Valentine’s Day Present, and after his owner relinquished him, he has been her husband’s sidekick ever since.  He is incredibly loving, and what he lacks in common sense he makes up for by providing the family with constant entertainment and laughter.


Anne Reynolds’s “Dynamic Duo”

Avi and Nikki

Avie was a resident at the Lexington, KY Humane Society and was introduced to Anne while she was attending a horse show in town.  He’s been her loyal sidekick for the last 11 of his 12 years. His hobbies include locking himself in the bathroom, snoring, and shredding cardboard boxes.

Anne met Nikki at a horse barn in Fulton, MO in 1999 while she was attending school at William Woods University.  He traveled with her back to PA for several years, and even lived in West Virginia and Maryland for a time before making his way back home to Missouri. Nikki takes his meals very seriously, and even if his bowl is full, he likes to remind his family about his love for food ALL night long.



Jeff Murphy’s “Maxine”


Jeff was lacking a sidekick when he moved to CoMo this summer, but we knew that wouldn’t last long! His co-worker, Stacey, showed Jeff a picture of Ruthie from the Second Chance website, and he agreed to meet her.  They have been inseparable ever since!  Ruthie doesn’t hear or see very well, and sometimes it’s hard for her to get up and around, but she is incredibly sweet and she is just the companion Jeff needed.


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