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At the Kasmann Insurance Agency in Columbia, Missouri, we regularly take phone calls and answer our customer’s questions about their auto coverage.  Sometimes, we’ll notice a trend in the questions asked, and while some questions are common for us, they are not common knowledge for the general public.  The agents in our office have compiled a list of auto coverage questions that we are often asked.  Take a look at the list below to see if we can clear up any questions you may have!

Auto Coverage Questions

  1. Am I covered if I rent a car? If physical damage coverage (comprehensive and collision coverages) are present on your auto insurance policy, your coverage and deductibles will transfer to a rented vehicle for the person listed on the insurance policy and ID cards, and his/her spouse. If anyone other than a “Named Insured” (a child in the household) is renting the vehicle, please contact us first.


  1. Is my friend/neighbor/relative covered to drive my car? Most standard auto insurance policies have a “permissive use” clause that provides coverage to anyone that has the insured’s permission to drive the vehicle for personal use (not for business).


  1. What if I buy a new car over the weekend when your office is closed? A typical auto insurance policy provides “newly acquired” coverage, for up to 30 days, for a vehicle which is a replacement for a vehicle already insured under your policy.  The coverages listed on your policy will carry over to the newly acquired vehicle. If the new vehicle you purchase requires coverages you do not currently have (i.e. a loan agreement requires comprehensive and collision coverages), please wait to speak to your agent before you leave the dealership with the new vehicle.  Each company handles this situation differently and we want to make sure you have the proper coverages you need.


  1. My car keeps getting older, so why isn’t my insurance going down? While it is true that vehicles depreciate in value, and the amount paid by your insurance company for a total loss will decrease over time, most vehicle claims do not actually result in a total loss.  The cost for replacement parts and labor does however; tend to increase over time due to inflation.  Many vehicle and driver factors go in to calculating an auto insurance rate, but the rate is also based on your particular insurance company’s claims experience with vehicles similar to yours.  If you feel your rates have gotten out of hand, please contact your agent to see if a lower rate is available through another company we are contracted with.  Kasmann Insurance is an Independent Insurance Agency and one of the many benefits of insuring with us is lots of choices!


  1. Can I use my car for food/pizza delivery? No. Your personal auto policy is intended for personal use only and delivery is most often in the course of business operations.  Most companies specifically exclude personal auto coverage when the vehicle is being used for delivery purposes.


  1. Can I haul my friend’s trailer? Liability for trailers is provided by the pulling unit. If you pull a trailer owned by someone else, your truck or vehicle liability will extend to the trailer for any damages you cause to others.  Your friend would have to insure his/her trailer for physical damage coverage (comprehensive and collision) in order for any damage to the trailer to be covered in an accident or loss.

Insure With the People You Trust

We hope you found this list of Frequently Asked Auto Questions helpful and can you can always refer back to it the next time one of these situations arises in your life.  As always, you are more than welcome to call our office with any questions you may have.  We also encourage you to ask us if you are getting the best discounts and rate possible.  We strive to review all of our customers’ policy renewals, but it never hurts to double check. The agents at Kasmann Insurance Agency appreciate our customers and strive to provide you with the best service possible!