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FIGO Pet Insurance

In general, when you think about insurance agents, we doubt the first cliché that comes to mind is “kids in a pet shop.” That’s exactly how we feel right now though, because we have an exciting new product to offer our clients!  FIGO Pet Insurance has recently partnered with Auto-Owners and we can now provide you with health insurance for your four-legged friends!

Injury Coverage

Did you know Auto-Owners and Progressive Insurance have actually been providing their customers with Pet Injury Coverage (sometimes referred to as Pet Medical Coverage) for the last several years? This is an automatic coverage under their auto insurance policies as long as comprehensive and/or collision coverage are purchased.  Pet Injury Coverage pays veterinary bills, up to a specified limit, if your dog(s) or cat(s) sustain injuries in a comprehensive or collision claim.

Pet Health Insurance

While the above mentioned coverages are great, they only apply if your pet is injured in your vehicle. It is pretty common knowledge that if your dog or cat gets sick, or has a medical emergency, it is not usually going to be an inexpensive endeavor.  Pet medical insurance is very common in some countries and is becoming more popular in the United States.  Were you aware that approximately 62% of U.S. households have a pet and only 2% of those pets are insured?

FIGO to the rescue!  They will not cover annual wellness exams for your pets, but they will pay the exam fee for other necessary visits, emergencies or specialists, as well as: diagnostics and lab tests, treatments, surgery, hospitalization, prescriptions for accidents/injuries and illnesses, and even chronic conditions that are not pre-existing and did not occur during the standard policy waiting period of just 14 days.

What sets FIGO apart from the other pet insurance carriers out there, is the additional coverages and benefits they offer under their plans.  The customer gets to choose which plan is right for their pet, based on an annual coverage amount and a monthly premium starting as low as $20.  FIGO is also proud of their start in a premiere technology facility and of their continuing technological approach to managing your pet’s life and healthcare with a mobile app and electronic claims service.  Feel free to check out their website at

Insure With the People You Trust

Every agent at Kasmann Insurance owns a dog or cat, or two (or more!), and we are all pretty passionate about our pets.  We are pleased to have such comprehensive pet medical insurance to offer you through FIGO’s partnership with Auto-Owners Insurance.  The benefit of this partnership is that we get to pass on a 5% discount to you that is not offered through FIGO directly!

Along with the 5% discount, let us also pass our enthusiasm on to you!  If you’ve recently been like an excited kid in a pet shop (or preferably shelter) and have a new pet, or are interested in coverage for your current pets, call Kasmann Insurance Agency today!   We would love to tell you all about the options and added benefits FIGO has available, and to help you find a rate and plan that fits the needs of your pets!