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We are pleased to introduce you to one of our skilled insurance agents on the Kasmann team, Shannon Kasmann. Kasmann Insurance Agency was orginally Sampson Insurance and founded by Shannon’s grandfather, Norris Sampson, in 1923. Shannon loves working with her family and carrying on the insurance legacy of what is now a third generation business. 

Dancing Away to California

Shannon was born and raised in Columbia. After attending college in Denver, she later found herself on the west coast for nearly 10 years. Shannon followed her dancing dreams while she was living in the San Francisco Bay area, and began performing with a modern dance company. After traveling and performing around the country, Shannon relocated to northern California for a change of pace and more opportunities to ski.


It’s a Family Tradition

Eventually, Shannon’s adventures brought her back to mid-Missouri. While she attended school to study sports medicine, she worked at her family’s insurance agency part time. Shannon decided she really enjoyed spending time working with her family, and chose to make selling insurance her career. She admits that after dancing for so many years, she never thought she’d end up behind a desk all day.

She runs the agency alongside her brother, Bill, after their father passed away a couple years ago. She concentrates more on the personal lines of insurance, including home, auto and life insurance. She enjoys building long-lasting relationships with her customers and always keeps their best interest in mind. Shannon is concerned with much more than numbers or bottom lines. Her focus is always on the customer, whether it is just with home and auto insurance, or assisting them plot a course through their life changes.  

Huge Heart for Furry Friends

Shannon jokes that her other full-time job is as an animal advocate and volunteer. She works as an adoption counselor and also helps with many rescue situations. Of course having a huge heart for furry friends involves having an open home for them too. Shannon admits to having some “foster flunkies” at her house– “flunkies” meaning she brought kitties home to foster and fell in love leading to their permanent residence. Alongside her feline “flunkies” you’ll also find a couple of adopted Second Chance pups sharing the living space.

Shannon recently married her partner of 14 years, Amir, who is as big of an animal lover as she is. She considers herself fortunate to have a job where she can work with family and allows her a little freedom to spend her time doing other things she loves.

We are honored to have Shannon on the Kasmann team. Her huge heart and dedication to her family, our customers and to the agency inspire us all. We know there will never be a creature in crisis when Shannon is around, and if she’s MIA, we know exactly who to call. Thank you for being an amazing agent, Shannon!