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John Bangs

John Bangs is the newest agent at Kasmann Insurance Agency. John is an excellent fit for our team with his years of experience.

We are pleased to introduce you to the newest member of the Kasmann team, insurance agent, John Bangs. John has an ongoing joke that he likes to do things in 30 year blocks. He has been in the insurance industry for 30 years, taught Risk and Insurance a Mizzou for 30 years and was married to his wife for 30 years.

The First 30 Years

John grew up in Boulder, Colorado. Eventually, he found his way to Columbia in the 70’s to attend Mizzou where he studied finance and marketing as an undergrad. He went from being a cat person (Go Tigers!) to being a dog person when he attended the University of Georgia for his Master’s in Finance. He decided to return to the feline side of life at Mizzou where he pursued his Doctorate and taught Finance and Risk Management at the University. He retired from teaching in August 2015.

John comes to Kasmann Insurance a seasoned insurance professional. Throughout his college journey, he sold insurance, even as an undergrad. His practice included succession planning, business risk management, estate planning, expert testimony consulting and selling insurance. Through his years of experience, he acquired many insurance certifications and licenses, including a certification from the American Society of CPA’s as a Forensic business and estate evaluation expert.

The Reason Behind The Insurance

John’s grandfather owned a newspaper business during the Great Depression. When faced with finding a way to pay his payroll at an economic low, he opted to take money from his whole life insurance plan to pay his employees.  Because his life insurance plan had been incredibly valuable to his business, John’s grandfather encouraged John to talk to his insurance agent. In the early 70’s, John decided to start in the insurance business part-time while going to school, and found it to be an exciting and lucrative opportunity.

Both of John’s parents were professors at the University of Colorado, so teaching came naturally to him at his time at Mizzou. He liked teaching and used his skills and knowledge about the insurance world to enhance students’ understanding of finance and risk management, while thriving with his insurance job.

John’s main goal is to provide for his family. John was happily married for 30 years before his wife passed away, and he was left with two beautiful daughters. Both daughters grew up in Columbia and attended college in Colorado. His insurance business allowed them the opportunity to travel as a family a lot, at least up until the point that the kids decided they were too cool to hang out with their mom and dad.

John’s Working Philosophy

John considers himself an advisor first and an insurance agent second. He doesn’t have a set sales process, because he wants to get to know his clients right off the bat and do what’s best for them. He personalizes his customer service to meet each client’s needs and wants. John meets with clients regularly to keep them updated in the case of a change in policy or laws and regulations that may affect the client.

We are so honored to have John as a part of our team. His hard work constantly inspires us to push our company to its fullest potential. Thank you for being an amazing agent, John! Here’s to 30 more years!