If you’ve been to the gym, a convention center, or a theme park lately, you may have noticed charging stations where you can plug in your mobile device for a quick charge.   We’re thrilled to announce that Kasmann Insurance is now sponsoring a charging station at the Activity and Recreation Center (ARC) at 1701 W Ash in Columbia!  The station is on the second floor, and charges up to 8 devices while inviting you to learn more about Kasmann Insurance and Auto Owners Insurance, or to contact us directly.

Charging Station at the ARC

To learn more about what’s happening at the ARC, we spoke to Brian Higginbotham, Supervisor of Operations/Programing.

Q:  We’re all so excited that winter is finally on its way out!  What are you most looking forward to at the ARC this spring?

A:  When Spring hits and temperatures rise we look forward for several of our classes moving out doors.  Bootcamp and HIIT camps utilize our flat grass areas for pulling tires, sprints, obstacle courses, etc.  Our terrace is available for outdoor training as well.

Q:  What’s the one thing you wished people knew about the ARC?

A:  The hidden jewel of the ARC is our Youth Training Room that also serves as the home for the Mid Missouri Weightlifting Club.  We have 7 platforms for Olympic and Powerlifting and an abundant amount of barbells and kilogram bumper plates.

Q:  These charging stations are great!  Are there other ways the ARC is integrating technology and fitness?

A:  Our cardiovascular equipment integrates technology through different workout options.  Some consoles will allow you to run the terrain in different countries and actually see the visuals as you run.  Customized workouts can be created on many of the cardio equipment consoles such as MMA rounds.  We also have a service through a company called Reach Announcements that allows us to digitally communicate to customers of upcoming events or announcements.

To keep up with happenings at the ARC, be sure to like their Facebook page.  Check out the latest issue of the City of Columbia’s online publication, the Leisure Times, to learn about all the fun activities in and around Columbia.

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At Kasmann Insurance Agency, we fully embrace advances in technology that increase the security and efficiency of what we do best – providing our customers with insurance!  Our website and Facebook page are constantly updated to provide you with facts and tips to inform your insurance decisions.  Look for even more technology to enhance your customer experience coming later this spring!

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