You’ve probably figured it out by now, but the agents at Kasmann Insurance love pets, especially the rescued variety.

We would like to introduce you to Luka!  Luka is a mini-dachshund that was left at a local veterinarian’s office and then put up for adoption through Second Chance.

You may remember our former office companion, Ruthie.  After Ruthie passed away last summer, her owner Jeff Murphy, wanted to wait a bit before finding another dog.  He had dachshunds when he was younger that he adored, and he began to keep his eye out for an available rescue.  Jeff also seems to have an affinity for senior dogs, as Luka’s slightly older age of nine didn’t deter him at all.

Luka enjoys exploring in the yard at home and at the office.  He loves to sniff, hunt and eat.  When he’s not destroying fleece toys and killing squeakers, he is fond of snuggles.  Stop by our office if you’d like to do business with us, or simply say hi to Luka!

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